Ms. Khyati Agarwal

Ms. Khyati Agarwal, the Primary Float teacher was raised in a community where everyone was a teacher. Inspired by her family members, she began her teaching journey when she was in High School. She also has been an instructor and has tutored many children in private tuitions. After her graduation in the Commerce field she joined the Fountainhead School, an IB board school and learnt some fantastic skills which helped her grow as an educator. Khyati believes that IB schools have a unique approach towards the development of a child. To further explore and challenge her skills she has joined Aarth Universal School. She thinks when children are given a space to learn, they not only develop in terms of intelligence but also experience an overall mental, physical and social growth. In her professional experience, she has developed critical thinking skills, self reflection ability and true dedication towards child’s character development. At Aarth, she is looking forward to learning a new set of skills and the unique philosophy of teaching, to not only help her students succeed but also for her own personal and professional development. She is a keen learner and strongly believes that action speaks louder than words. Along with her passion to be with kids, she also enjoys cooking, reading novels and educational articles and also writing stories. She is fond of nature and loves to visit hilly areas.

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