The Aarth Universal School will be a first of its kind international school in the inspirational setting of Surat. AARTH is a coeducational day school. We will employ a well-recognized international curriculum supplemented with other academic programs to serve the educational needs of children from Nursery to Grade 12. Our campus at Malgama will have highly motivated teachers as well as the infrastructure to deliver an outstanding curriculum as well as co-curricular and extracurricular activities. AARTH will start in 2021.

At AARTH, we will empower students to ask insightful questions, push boundaries and confront conventional ways of thinking. Learning at Aarth Universal School happens when students internalize their knowledge and externalize their experience. Effective and appropriate integration of technology in learning makes it possible for students to reflect, create, communicate and collaborate.

The overarching purpose of education in our school is to provide students with a set of critical skills that will be needed for success in a global market. The purpose of assessment is to make improvements to the current method of teaching for teachers, and learning for students, to derive better results. The assessments can take any form, be it formal tests or performance-based activities. However, what they have in common is that they all measure learners’ performance relative to previously defined goals, which are usually stated as learning objectives or outcomes.

Our teaching will be multidisciplinary, and we will not make hard distinctions between the sciences and the arts and the humanities, or between co-curricular and extracurricular activities. We aim to teach creativity and critical thinking, skills that are needed in today’s world, rather than the rote acquisition of knowledge. Our school’s positive learning environment provides social capacity to students, equipping them with social and relationship skills and attitudes to succeed at school and throughout their lives. These can be nurtured to help people discover the very best of themselves, which enables them to be good citizens and prepare them for the life of work. It provides them with the self-esteem and confidence to explore and develop their full potential.


We are very young but we did a great job. In spite of being so small, I was able to teach the elders and I did a great job. This helped me realise my potential. Seeing my parents as participants gave me confidence. If we ever make a mistake, we actually learn something from our mistakes.

Student- Dhanvi Maisuria, Grade 2nd

Thank you for conducting this event – Pratibimb. It brought back memories from our learning days. The activities done by the students were very engaging and we enjoyed it a lot.

Parent of Pearl Doshi, Grade 5th

Until the child doesn’t understand one topic, the teacher doesn’t jump to the next topic. The behaviour of the school teachers is very good. They don’t force children to learn.

Parent of Tehfeez Makani, Grade

My kid is learning all the aspects very nicely and he eagerly waits for his class every day and I’m also very satisfied with the teaching methods and ideas. Thank you Aarth team.

Parent of Ved, Grade

We felt the difference in our child after putting her into “Aarth Universal School”. My daughter will be a good thinker and a good human being.

Parent of Ural, Grade 3rd

The best thing is the kid is enjoying online classes

Parent of Dhanvi, Grade 2nd

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“A basic flair for living : being able to rein in emotional impulse; to read another’s innermost feelings; to handle relationships smoothly” - Daniel Goleman
These elements of social-emotional development are being explored as part of our Happiness curriculum for joyful living and also through different elements of our programme. In connection with the current Read Aloud, “We are grateful : Ostaliheliga” by Traci Sorell, the students of Jr-Sr KG planted a Gratitude Tree in class by adding leaves on it. by expressing their thankfulness towards the people who always help them. They thanked people who take care of them, help them, guide them, etc. This experience was also related to ‘showcasing gratitude’, a part of our Happiness Curriculum. Self-management skills are important in every aspect of life. Being mindful of it, the learners enhanced their gross motor skills while playing the game of Hula-Hoop tunnel in which they had to pass through the tunnel of Hula-Hoops which their peers were holding. Another game that helped them build on their gross motor skills was picking the ball from hoops to the basket with their legs. It was great fun for our little ones.

“Book Buddy”, one of our programme elements which is eagerly awaited by the students, helps them in their social wellbeing.This is the time where Jr.KG and Sr. KG and Grade 3-4s buddies read books to each other. This is an amazing opportunity for the learners to create a bond of friendship and build their Social Skills.
Having a sense of their own feelings is important for any individual. Trying to inculcate the sense of different feelings at this tender age is an essential aspect of self-awareness. For this at regular intervals students get an opportunity to share their feelings, via an “Emotional wall” displayed in their classroom. They can tap at the emotion they are feeling and share the reason behind it. Through several such meaningful experiences, the Happiness Curriculum helps in inculcating positive social behaviour, in making their bonds more stronger and helping them in their social-emotional development.
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We began our new Unit ‘Language of choreography’, where we explored the elements of choreography in music. We tuned in by sharing our prior knowledge about bpm(beats per minute), tempo and rhythm of music. To understand it better, we created music by clap tap and snap and added egg shaker in the end where we used tap as our bpm and created steps of 8 counts individually which were on bpm and practised it. We focused on 1 instrument of the music to understand the layer of it and tried to create steps on it. Every music has an emotion which we portray through our movements. To understand that, we watched a video where the dancer was portraying different emotions according to music and later we tried to portray Happiness following the music. To understand Lyrics of a song also plays an important role in choreography we focused only on the lyrics of the song. As a part of our summative assessment, we choreographed a small routine on the song : Believer by Imagine Dragons.

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“All the world’s a stage and we are all merely actors. Everyone has their entrances and exits fixed.” —-- William Shakespeare

Since 1962, World Theatre Day has been celebrated by ITI Centres (International Theatre Institute), theatre professionals, theatre organisations, theatre universities and theatre lovers all over the world on the 27th of March.

We, at AUS celebrated this day with a performance by one of our teachers, Ms Aurosri Mandal, a theatre artist, who explained briefly about what theatre is and its significance, through acts of expressions, gestures, and using space. She explained how different art forms are interconnected in theatre such as dance, music, visual arts and drama, that collaboratively work towards a theatre act. We watched a musical play and identified the integration of the four different art forms. Students enjoyed acting along and expressing different emotions using body movements. Furthermore, students participated in theatre games. They were given a particular situation and setting like ‘vegetable market’ and ‘airport’ and were asked to act it out using only body language or gestures but dialogues. They collectively prepared a mime act where they enthusiastically enacted using their body language as a medium. The participants and the audience enjoyed both the group performances.

World Theatre Day is an essential celebration as it highlights the significance of theatre in our lives. Theatre is an art form that not only entertains but also educates and inspires individuals. It provides a platform for artists to express themselves creatively and enables them to explore different aspects of life. With the celebration of this special day in school, the learners gained importance of the art form “Theatre” and also recognised its value. Their understanding about theatre was so clear that later they could identify and connect that “Vistazo– The annual concert” was a form of theatre.
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Aarth Universal school has always encouraged its students to explore their talents and implement their learnings. Vistazo is a celebration of this spirit.

We, the Aarthians, always strive to explore something new and unique. This year we were inspired by ‘Navras’ as the theme of our annual concert. Navras means "nine emotions". Our learners demonstrated each ras through their dance, music, PSPE and language performances depicting them through mood, feeling, expression and movement.

In line with the units explored by them throughout the year, a mesmerising Shadow play by Nursery students, various cultures depicted by Jr-Sr kg and Grade 1-2s through their dance performances, left the audience in awe.

The AUS Core Values were highlighted by Grade1-2s through an enactment of Class Meeting, one of our programme elements. The 1-2s enthralled the audience with a lively Italian folk dance and Kwanzaa song, which they explored as part of their unit, Festivals and Celebrations.

The dramatic performance by Grade 3-4s, “From Crown to Commons” showcased their learning from the unit on types of Government. A magnificent Ballet performance seamlessly expressed their thoughts - without words. Young entrepreneurs of Grade 5-6s presented a drama “Dolphin Tank”. Not only this, they also owned the stage with their instrumental performance.

The Human Pyramid by our upper primary students was a power-packed performance displaying their strength, stability, endurance and flexibility highlighted the coordination between them.

The fusion of dance and visual arts left a lasting impression on the audience. Grade 5–6 students' presentation, highlighted issues including racism, colorism, and body shaming, greatly impacted the audience.

For the grand finale, all participants including teachers and parents shook their feet to a happy song. The happiness and contentment on everyone’s faces was the show stopper!!!
From the joy of Hasya to the tranquility of Shanta, from the courage of Veera to the amazement of Adbhut, Vistazo - The Annual Concert left everyone with a deeper appreciation of the richness and complexity of human emotions.
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“Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquillity.” - William Wordsworth

On Poetry day, we celebrated the beauty of language and the power of words to move us in ways that nothing else can. Poetry is a type of literature that conveys a thought, describes a scene or tells a story in a concentrated, lyrical arrangement of words. Whether you prefer sonnets or haikus, free verse or rhyming couplets, poetry has something for everyone. Poetry gives children different ways of expressing their feelings and helps children to find their voice.

At Aarth, we celebrated World Poetry Day with great enthusiasm. Our young learners from Early years composed Rhymes or Shape poems on the topics of their choice and the choice of their comfortable language such as Gujarati, Hindi, or English.

PY, students composed poetry of different forms which they had explored so far as part of their Writer’s Workshop. Since the day also emphasises on the importance of linguistic diversity, students wrote poetry in Gujarati, Hindi, Spanish and English.

In the end all the poetries were displayed in the oval area and we got to experience all our young learners' creativity! Students took pride in their creativity and cherished the language diversity we have at aarth.
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As part of the unit ‘Performing’, our Jr. KG and Sr. KG learners inquired into Musical elements such as Pitch and Rhythm. They shared their prior knowledge about 'Pitch' by watching a video song on 'High and Low'.

They observed the instruments such as a drum, guitar and microphone. They sang the song 'high and low' in a group, where they used hand gestures to understand high and low sound. They kept their hands in the sky while singing high notes and touched their toes while singing low notes. Students listened to Ukulele and explored the high and low sounds on it. As part of the formative assessment, they played the instruments such as drum, bongo, keyboard, xylophone and congo; and identified how it sounds. They inquired into the beat and tried imitating the beat of cajon using body percussion.

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