Abhishek Sharma

Abhishek Sharma is a multidimensional individual with a versatile personality. After finishing his engineering, he worked as a Project Manager for a gas firm, but he soon realised that he belonged someplace else, and he wanted to build pillars of society rather than buildings and gas lines. So despite having few good opportunities as an engineer, he chose to be a teacher because he is very passionate about education. He has his own set of principles, which stands on honesty, dedication, temperament, and hard work. Abhishek has over 7 years of experience as a Middle School teacher across several boards. He has assisted four batches in passing their boards. A passionate learner, Abhishek continued his journey of learning and holds three bachelor’s degrees – Engineering (BE), Hindi (BA), and Education (BED), as well as three Master’s degrees in Psychology, Hindi and English. He is now pursuing a master’s degree in Mathematics. One of his unique talents is his ability to speak and understand many languages. Along with his passion for teaching, he pursues his passion for writing. An author and poet, Abhishek has several of his writings (novels and poems) published. He has also written scripts for a couple of OTT programmes as well as radio audio shows. He enjoyed his IB journey as MYP Hindi educator for two and half years. He is excited to learn about PYP and interact with the young learners. When Abhishek came to Aarth for the very first time, he felt like he truly belonged to this place as this organisation, though different in many ways, had very positive vibes. He is looking forward to his personal and professional growth as he is getting immersed in an innovative of learning which involves fun elements A very calm and realistic individual, Abhishek constantly sees the positive in every circumstance and can be a terrific source of encouragement.

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