Parent of Dharm Makani (Grade 1 Beryl) & Devam Makani (Grade 6 Carnelian)

Meet Komal Makani, a proud parent at Aarth Universal School, where both her children receive an exceptional education in our IB Board institution. With a focus on nurturing well-rounded individuals, our school has been instrumental in enhancing their communication skills and helping them conquer stage fear.
Notably, her younger son, a special needs child, has found exceptional support from our dedicated team of educators.

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Welcome to Aarth Universal School, where education meets innovation, and every child's potential is nurtured to shine brightly, helping the students become creative and critical thinkers and problem solvers.

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Block 148, Surat-Bhesan-Barbodhan Road, Malgama, Surat-395005

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AARTH is a school united by the joy of learning, excellence in achievement and development of character.

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