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Early Years

Language Programmes

Students will be exposed to the English, Hindi and Gujarati languages throughout the Early Years. The context of learning would be imaginative and symbolic play with teacher-led activities. As the student will progress through the Early Years, there will be gradual acquisition of the literacy skills needed for primary school.

Mathematics Programme

Throughout the Early Years, Mathematics instruction will rely heavily on the use of manipulatives. The programme will be based on the understanding and application of basic foundational number concepts, measurement, money, logical thought, spatial sense and estimation. Students will be taught through activities and experiences which will incorporate investigation, problem solving, cooperative group work and practical application of Mathematics.

Information & Communication Technology (ICT)

Our school believes that digital learning plays an important role in the education of 21st century students. So, right from the Early Years onwards, we will be offering a comprehensive ICT programme . All classes will be equipped with a TV or a multimedia projector.

Physical Education

AUS will take pride in its excellent PE facilities. The curriculum will be devised such that every student is provided with the opportunity to experience a range of sports. This will enhance a wide range of skills and attitudes, which will enable every student to follow an active and healthy lifestyle.

Visual and Performing Arts

We believe in integrating the arts by combining core content areas with Visual Art, Music, Drama and Movement to provide students with the opportunities to express themselves by way of a creative outlet.

Assessment Philosophy

Our assessments will support individual students in achieving progress in their learning. Ongoing assessments will be an integral part of the learning and development progress. Provision will be made for observation through experience and play-based learning. These will be recorded in a variety of ways – photographs, videos or anecdotes.

Co-curricular Activities

A quality co-curricular programme will inspire and extend the interests, talents and skills of students. We will be offering a range of co-curricular activities that will allow every student to pursue their passion through age-appropriate developmental stages.

Community Service

Students at AUS will be participating in community service activities because we believe that a little sacrifice goes a long way. Our Early Years students will get an opportunity to learn the value of helping people in need and of caring for the environment.

Primary Years Programme

Language programmes

At AUS, we wil be recognizing the importance of developing and maintaining students’ literacy in their mother tongue, English, Hindi and a Foreign Language. The primary language of instruction will be English. Students whose English language competency does not meet grade level requirements, will be supported with an English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme.

Mathematics programme

At AUS our Mathematics curriculum will aim to provide a sequential, activity-based programme that will enable students to learn through the provision of developmental experiences that relate to real-life situations. Teachers will provide Maths lessons in conjunction with national and international standards progression points. They will provide extra support through individual learning improvement plans where required.

Design and Technology

AUS will be providing a new and dynamic educational landscape where our student’s learning will be raised in digital spaces. Students will get to use and appreciate different kinds of information, related skills and digital platforms. The school community will ensure that students gain a positive educational experience by understanding how to use the internet and web-based devices safely, responsibly and smartly.

Physical Education

We will be providing a curriculum to every student with the opportunity to develop into a physically-educated person; one who learns skills necessary to perform a variety of physical activities is physically fit and understands the benefits of involvement in physical activity and its contribution to a healthy lifestyle.

Visual and Performing Arts

Our Arts programme will provide a way for each student to understand their own cultural context and create art within that context to explain their country, their culture and their society to the worldwide community. The language of arts, such as musical notations, gestures, images and movement will give our students skills of creative processes that are likely to be essential for 21st-century citizens.

Assessment and Reporting

Assessment and reporting will be an integral part of the teaching and learning programme at AUS. Assessment tasks will include tests, observations, peer discussions, work samples, presentations, performances and projects. Criterion-referenced assessment will be the basis of all formal assessments at AUS. We will be reporting to parents and students both formally and informally.

Co-curricular Activities

AUS will offer a mix of co-curricular activities that are age-appropriate, challenging and engaging. These programmes, be they performing arts, crafts or sports, will be open to all students so as to help them develop skills and an appreciation of life-long learning, having fun and learning to play as a member of a team.


As a core component for AUS students, the action-oriented approach will encourage our students to be involved in activities as individuals and as part of a team that will take place in local, national and international contexts. Through experiential and service-based learning, there will be an enhancement in their personal, interpersonal, social and civic development.