Ms. Anchal Shah

Ms. Anchal Bhatia Shah, born and brought up in Surat is the Homeroom Teacher in the Early Years. She is a quick and enthusiastic learner who is passionate about teaching and loves to be with kids. She has a keen interest in art and craft and likes to make creative things. She likes to be with nature a lot and gardening is another passion of hers. She likes to spend time with family and friends. Exploring new places, reading books and doing adventures are her hobbies. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in English and has finished her pre-masters from Brunel University, London. She is also a Jolly Phonics certified teacher. She has 10 years of experience in the teaching field of which the last 5 years has been in IB. She has boosted up many skills while being an IB educator. She believes that IB helps not only students but also teachers to explore their abilities and go out of their comfort zone. She enjoys and admires teaching in IB as she can teach the concepts with no boundaries, with creativity and can bring the world into the classroom. The students have an opportunity to showcase their learning in their own ways and get equipped to deal with real life challenges. She is ready to challenge herself and seeks opportunities to learn new things to add feathers to her skills. She is looking forward to learning new and unique teaching-learning methodology at Aarth which will help her to enhance her abilities and skills. The importance given to building relationships between teachers and students and amongst teachers is something that she is enjoying the most at Aarth.

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