Himanshi Gandhi

Ms. Himanshi Gandhi, Homeroom Teacher at Aarth Universal School believes that if you want a child to grow then you have to let them flow. Young minds can open a box of surprises for us. She is passionate about working with young minds because she thinks by proper guidance young minds can bring positive change in future as they are future generations of our world. She thinks a teacher should not act as a teacher to a child but should try to build a friendly bridge of communication between herself and the children. The teacher needs to be calm, friendly, helpful and approachable in nature. Ms Himanshi has completed her B.Tech in Aeronautics from Aeronautical Society of India, New Delhi and also gone through various technical workshops while staying in Chennai. She has 7 years of experience teaching in various boards. She thinks her destiny was to be a teacher as she was involved in teaching from an early age by observing her mother who is also an educator herself. Being in touch with academic background, she got her way to pursue her passion and she took on the role of an IB educator. Being a risk taker and a quick learner are her key strengths which will help her in her journey in IB. Her hobbies include going on road trips as she is very fond of driving cars, reading, exploring ancient history and new places and most importantly being with nature. She was part of Gujarat volleyball team and has also played in the National volleyball tournament conducted by Govt. Of India in Haryana. She has a deep interest in Astrophysics and Archeology and also has an inclination towards spirituality and Art. She is open-minded and accepts every opportunity to gain knowledge from wherever she can. IB philosophy changed her mind about education as she started her journey at Aarth. She likes how the children are given freedom to inquire and the ownership the students take over their own learning. AUS provided her an opportunity and platform for learning and growing. She thinks AUS and herself will grow hand in hand. She is planning to pursue IB courses and certifications as part of her professional development at Aarth. She is proud of being a member of the AUS family.

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