Chaitali Bhagat

Meet Ms. Chaitali Mahesh Kumar Bhagat, our Homeroom teacher. She has completed her Masters in Psychology from IGNOU, Delhi and her Masters in Education from VNSGU, Surat. She turned her passion for teaching into her career and began teaching since 2004. As she considers herself a learner, she prepared and presented 5 papers in National Seminar on Education and Psychology while pursuing her education. She is passionate, confident and a hard worker with a positive attitude. She is a quick learner who believes in life-long learning. She never misses out on any opportunity to learn. She is very happy to work with AUS as it gives an open learning environment to teachers and there is something new to learn each day. The school atmosphere gives her positive vibes and the culture of open-mindedness in school makes her love to come to school everyday. She feels at home in school as the school team is equally supportive and caring like a family. She sums up her philosophy of life in the following two lines, “Wake up with determination and go to sleep with satisfaction. Between that nothing is easy when you are lazy, but everything is easy when you are crazy.” – Chaitali Bhagat

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