Will there be sports at the school?

Sports will be an important part of the co-curricular and extra-curricular programmes of the school. We have a range of sports facilities for both indoor and outdoor sports.

Our integrated Sports programme makes individual and team sports integral to the curriculum. This holistic approach instils physical skills and values of teamwork, resilience, and lifelong well-being. At Aarth, we pride ourselves on nurturing students who will excel in sports and emerge as well-rounded individuals.

Our emphasis on Physical and Health Education (PSHE and PHE) within the IB curriculum is rooted in nurturing holistic student development. Aligned with the IB learner profile, our PSPE and PHE programmes ensure students thrive physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally.

Our approach includes:

  • Individual Pursuits: Developing motor skills and movement capacity through activities like track and field, skating, badminton, etc. fostering achievement and improvement.
  • Movement Composition: Exploring expressive potential through gymnastics, dance, martial arts, etc.
    Invasion Games: Understanding space manipulation, skills, and strategies through games like football, handball, cricket, etc. fostering teamwork and strategic thinking.
  • Adventure Challenges: Encouraging collaborative problem-solving, critical thinking, teamwork and resilience through physical tasks.
  • Health-Related Fitness: Learning about exercise response, body system interactions, and physical fitness, promoting healthy lifestyle and lifelong wellbeing.
  • Our integrated Sports programme instils teamwork, resilience, and physical skills, nurturing well-rounded individuals who excel in sports.

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