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Why Choose AARTH?

AARTH will be a school united by the joy of learning, excellence in achievement and development of character. Students will be happy, open-minded, caring and engaged learners. We will offer a unique international experience to our students, blending the highest quality of education, underpinned by the global perspective of global education and values, and rich in culture of our country.

We will prepare our students for the fast-changing world with the core 21st century skills of collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking. Through this process, students will develop an understanding of important concepts, acquire skills and knowledge, develop particular attitudes and learn to take responsible action. In practice it means students do it, make it and experience it. They ask questions and learn how to find answers to those questions.

In order to involve students in the process of evaluating their learning, the curriculum will advocate that the assessments be authentic, essential, engaging, feasible and that students are involved in the process of evaluating their learning. This will not necessarily be done in a traditional way by writing an exam. Instead, students may put together a final project, a performance, a group presentation or an alternative way to demonstrate what they have learned.

Inspiring Ambition

We will help provide a genuinely holistic international education for students to stimulate their creativity and foster excitement about learning. The curriculum will be tailored to meet the needs of the hour and sensitive to learners of different types. A plethora of activities will be offered because we believe there is no limit to what our students can achieve. The environment within the school will encourage students to be ambitious, as they will get to discover and re-discover facets of their personalities.


Our aim will be to provide students with skills and knowledge to become responsible, independent digital citizens. All teachers will use digital resources to engage students in authentic and relevant learning experiences. As part of our commitment to infuse technology to enhance teaching and facilitate learning, all students will use educational technologies to effectively and purposefully create, communicate, collaborate and engage in critical and reflective thinking.

Beyond the classroom

The specialist programme will be structured to meet the various needs and interests of our students. The dynamic programme will include a wide-ranging sports schedule, a rich array of performing arts opportunities and a future-ready roll out of a STEAM programme for all students from pre-school to Grade 5.

The personality to thrive

The specialist programme will be structured to meet the various needs and interests of our students. A project-based approach will provide future-ready learning through the strengthening of foundational skills while increasing opportunities for hands-on learning, creativity, innovation and problem solving. In addition, an emphasis upon cultivating character will ensure that students have the dispositions and mindsets they need to be successful.

Our teachers

Our teachers will be highly experienced and dedicated to providing the best learning experiences to AARTH learners. AARTH will attract the best teachers from across the country, thanks to its outstanding professional learning development programme and learning culture.

Admission Process

The admission process at AARTH school is detailed below.  Please make a note of the relevant dates, and ensure that you submit all necessary documents, whether in physical form or online, within the stipulated deadlines.

Steps Activity Parent/Guardian Responsibility  Additional Information
1 Inquiry/School visit Fill in the online/at school inquiry form. Call the school and visit the school will be scheduled or you can visit the school between 9 am and 3.30 pm on Monday to Friday and 9 am to 2 pm on Saturday. This will give you the opportunity to meet admission counselor, see the school, interact with our staff, understand the Primary Years Programme (PYP) and our educational vision. It is advisable to book an appointment prior to visiting the school to get better services.
2 Collection of the application package from the school.
Visit the school between 9 am and 3.3o pm on weekdays and 9 am to 2 pm on Saturday’s to register for admission and collect the application package. 1. A Non – refundable registration fee is payable.
2. Once you register, an application form will be emailed to you. Please fill out this form and submit it online. Instructions are provided on the online form.
3 Submission of online application form. Fill out the form online. This form will be sent to the email id mentioned in the enquiry form.
4 Submit documents at the school and come for an interaction/assessment when notified. Submit the necessary documents at the school at the time of the interaction/assessment.  You must complete the online application form before you visit the school. Please ensure that you collect and submit all necessary documents.  We will not be able to accept incomplete applications. There is a list of necessary documents along with the application form, please complete and submit them.
5 Interaction/counselling/Assessment test for students. Parents/guardians, please note that both the interaction/counselling and the assessment test are mandatory as every child is special and we ensure quality education is imparted with holistic approach. AARTH conducts an assessment test in English and Mathematics for students applying to Grades 3 and above. Our test’s goals are to evaluate grade placement. Please note that we do take into account that students come from different educational systems when reviewing our applicants. 
6 Confirmation of provisional admission. You will receive an email and SMS from the school.
7 Acceptance of admission – payment of fees. Fees to be paid within 2 working days of receipt of email/SMS.  Fees can be paid online or can be deposited at any Bank branch. Please use the deposit slip provided in the admissions package.  The link for online payment is available on our website www.aarthuniversalschool.org
8 Confirmation of admission. On receipt of fees into the school account. AARTH will send an admission confirmation via email as well as by SMS.

Age Criteria


Grade Born on or before 
Nursery 31st  May, 2019
Junior KG 31st  May, 2018
Senior KG 31st  May, 2017
Grade 1 31st  May, 2016
Grade 2 31st  May, 2015
Grade 3 31st  May, 2014
Grade 4 31st  May, 2013
Grade 5 31st May, 2012
Grade 6 31st May, 2011

Admission Policy