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About Pre-School

At Aarth Universal Preschool, we understand that preschool is the first introduction to a lifetime of learning, and hence, we strive to provide a positive atmosphere to the children that render developmentally appropriate balance between learning and play. Our holistic approach ensures that children despite having different capabilities, develop their intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual abilities efficiently. The Aarth Universal Preschool offers a programme for children aged 3 to 5. Our curriculum is designed to help children develop strong foundation skills for lifelong living and learning, as well as to ease their transition to the Aarth Universal School at Malgama which will start in 2021. The Aarth Universal School is a K-12 school that will have an internationally recognized curriculum.

Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

Aarth Universal School strives to prepare students for an ever- changing global community by providing world- class international education that encourages student to develop to their fullest potential and lights up their quest for lifelong learning for a better tomorrow.

Mission Statement

To inspire excellence, cultivate character and empower engagement both locally and globally.

Our Core Values

The aim of our programme is to provide an experience where children get the freedom to choose what to learn and set the pace. By nurturing each child’s inherent creativity and motivation, the school will develop in children a passion for lifelong learning.

Three components of this philosophy which we emphasize are:

All children will succeed

The school adopts the most effective learning practices that aim towards the holistic, physical and emotional growth of every child. By replacing competition with collaboration and by creating individual measures of success and assessment tailored to each child’s unique talents and abilities as we believe each child is unique with lots of potential, the school is set up to ensure that all children will succeed in a safe environment. The teachers serve as facilitators in the learning process, nurturing and encouraging each child to develop to his or her full potential.

Infusing independence and value education

Children will experience an environment to learn independently, based on their own initiative. Children will participate in a real-life social environment where they will learn to apply academic knowledge and develop social emotional skills to wait, share, practice care and respect.

Unique environment

With a lively and cheerful environment within secure and spacious infrastructure, our campus overlooks a green playground accessible to children during the breaks.

Insightful programs

A few of our distinctive programs include the Author of the Month, Artist of the Month, Live Animal showcasing as well as play and imagination that helps in development of cognitive, socio-emotional and physical behaviours.

Language development

We promote ORACY (oral language) skills in the classroom to facilitate natural and quick language learning in children by providing them ample opportunities to listen and speak.

Qualified and trained staff

Our teachers are well qualified and trained. They possess knowledge and skill to cater to the needs of children and attune the lesson content in response to student needs and interests, making it easier for children to learn.

Limited teachers-children ratio

We believe in a small teachers-children ratio so that all the students can be given adequate individual attention.

Out-of-the-box extracurricular activities

We emphasize on the benefits of sports, yoga, arts & craft, music and drama for all-round development of the child in an encouraging and stimulating classroom atmosphere.

Ease of transition

Children studying in Aarth Universal Preschool will have a hassle-free switch to K-12 Aarth Universal School that shall commence in June 2021 at Malgama and offer an international board recognized curriculum.


Aarth Universal Preschool guarantees high quality education with an internationally recognized curriculum while continually evaluating our progress and fine-tuning our programs and services. Our administrative staffs keep in touch with parents to ensure the best possible experience for their child by communicating on regular basis and by soliciting their feedback to understand their unique needs.


  • Entire preschool area under CCTV surveillance and equipped with  fire extinguisher – child safety first
  • Access to integrated technology
  • Nutritious and hygienic vegetarian catering
  • Field trips for fun and practical learning
  • Various festival celebrations
  • Transportation facility available on request